Our packaging is specifically designed to create memorable experiences. Our boxes pop, unfold, nestle and focus attention on the unique item you’ve chosen to give a special person. For example, after lifting each successively smaller lid in a Fleurish box, your aunt will be elated to discover a pretty pair of earrings displayed in the swirling layers. And your boys will be so excited to reach up into the mouths of an Untamed Alligator and an Untamed Tiger box to find action figures inside! Every one of our boxes gives a uniquely surprising experience.

We encourage you to customize your gift boxes for the recipient, the event, or as your personal creativity impels you. Our products are shown here with many embellishments: ribbons, cards, rubber stamped images, inset photographs and more. Visit the Gallery for further ideas to put you in a decorating mood.

Enjoy your Parapluie products, and remember the magical moments of creating, anticipating and presenting your gifts.